Chic Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair

Everyone with short hair knows that longer hair are really overrated; its short hair that gives you the real ease and style. So, show off your hair with these amazing, chic updo hairstyles for short hair and be the cause of envy for all your long-haired friends. Whether it’s a twist, or a knot, or a braid you want, we have something for everyone, and for every occasion. So, go through this list to find the perfect look for your short hair.

Dutch Braid

DUTCH BRAID UPDO for Short to Medium Hair

Photo Credit: YouTube / @Mallory1712

The simple yet trendy Dutch braid is a good option to have under your arsenal of hairstyles. Quick and easy to make, a Dutch braid is simply an inside out French braid and can be your go to for whenever you need to put your hair up. Once the Dutch braid is complete, tuck the end under the braid and pin it in place with the use of bobby pins. You can add some curled strands or bangs to the front for a more softer look.

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