Updos for Thin Hair to Give You the Boost You Need

Thin hair can be a cause of anguish for many women; it can look limp if not styled properly. So, the best way to go is the option of updos for thin hair, which can lift your hair up and give it the much-needed volume. Whether it’s in a bun or a knot, a large accessory to make it stand out, or a simple braid to tone it down, updos can do wonders for your hair. Look through our collection of the best updos to give you and your hair the boost you need.

Teased Bun

Teased Bun

Photo Credit: Instagram / @tonyastylist

Buns are an essential weapon in any woman’s hair arsenal; they can be used for any occasion depending on the size, volume, and accessories associated with it. If you have thin hair, then a teased large bun would be your best option. Simply backcomb your hair, particularly at the roots, twist it in a large bun and pin it in place using the accessory of your choice.

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