Try These Wedding Half Updos for the Best of Both Worlds

So, you can’t decide whether to tie your hair up in an updo or let them hang loose without any restrictions? Who says you have to choose one? Why not try the wedding half updos and get the best of both these worlds, or rather styles? No more fussing and stressing about the hairstyle you want when you can mix it up with a half up halk down look that works for all styles of dresses in all kinds of weddings. So, look through our collection of the most elegant and stylish looks you can achieve with this technique.

Teased Half Updo with Headband

Teased Half Updo with Headband

Photo Credit: Instagram / @mhamad_edelbi

If you are a Bohemian at heart, or simply love the bohemian culture, then this look would be perfect for you, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Simply create some curls in your hair and tease them up to create a bouffant in the front, while the back is left to hang free. Tie these together with a headband made of smaller flowers and ribbons.

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