The Only Wedding Updo Black Hairstyles You Will Ever Need

Each bride is unique and deserves the best of everything on her wedding day, especially her look. While there are plenty of hairstyles to choose from, these wedding updo black hairstyles are the only collection you need to go through if you are a proud African American bride. Tailored to the uniquely amazing texture of African American women, we have listed down some of the best, most elegant and stylish looks you can find anywhere so that your wedding day can be made as amazing as the bride.

Curls and Accessories

Whether you have natural curls or must create the using a curling iron, you cannot go wrong with this curly updo. Create the curls in the lower section of your hair to give an illusion of a low bun and decorate them with a unique hair accessory, such as the white flower barrette pictured here.

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