Ease Your Stress With These Wedding Updos for Medium Length Hair

Marriage is stressful. Let’s just state the simple fact that wedding can cause both the bride and groom to simultaneously feel over the moon and also feel like the world is coming to the end. Wedding Updos for Medium Length Hair is something that might help a few brides to ease out on their nerves and make their stressful day a little easier.

Why Do We Need Wedding Updos for Medium Hair?

To be very honest, I don’t know. It’s just that I was told to do this article for the upstairs people and I do what they say. Plus, what’s the harm in learning new and fancy updos that you can do to make other people jealous of your talent. Live Freely Child!

Do You Really Need A Wedding Updo For Medium Hair Lesson?

You see my lovelies, we as human tend to be very paranoid about how we look and appear in front of strangers. We have this inert belief that if we are not at our best then we are surely at our worst. So yes, I need to tell you and inform you about certain updos so that when you are paranoid, you whip out these easy hairstyles and show those imaginary enemies that you are FABULOUS!

Red-Head Side Bun

Red-Head Side Bun

Photo Credit: youqueen.com

Ok, so this woman may not be WEARING a gown but you can make this oh so gorgeous hairstyle on your wedding day and just look breathtaking. Also, you don’t need to be a red head for this hairstyle, that just in the name. Ignore that part. Here we go:

  1. So, first of all, you need to brush that medium length hair and start curling strands.
  2. Then curl the front bang of your hair so that it falls perfectly on your face with elegance.
  3. Then back comb your hair enough so it shows a little puff but too much that it starts resembling a beehive.
  4. Pick strands of hair from one side and lightly roll them towards the base of your neck and pin them.
  5. Keep going towards the other side of the neck and loosely pin up your curls enough so they look like a messy bun but in reality are just loose curls pinned up.
  6. Lastly, hairspray the gorgeous work that you did, look in the mirror and thank me.
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