Simple and Stylish Wedding Updos with Veil

Weddings are sacred and holy. For some people, it’s all about their religion and their spiritual connection to the other half. A veil is something that brides from different parts of the world use for multiple purposes. So in this article, we will be showing you hair updos that look amazing with veils.

What is a Veil?

A veil is a piece of transparent or translucent cloth that the bride puts over her face so as to hide her face from her soon to be husband as a sign of respect or honor or just to add a little suspense so that the groom is unable to see the beauty that he is marrying. Just a little tease.

What Are Wedding Updos with a Veil?

Basically, in simpler words wedding updos with a veil are just basic updos that will consist of high buns or any hairstyle that will look amazing under a veil. So it can be easy and simple or intricate and difficult. Either way, it will be amazing.

Easy Chignon

Easy Chignon

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Now, this hairstyle has been previously used but this is a perfect hairstyle for veiled brides.

  1. Take a lock of hair and twist them till they meet somewhere start of your neck.
  2. Do the same with the other side of the and the tie up the rolled up hair with a rubber band.
  3. Then turn the pony inside out.
  4. When that is done pin the rest of the hair that is left after the pony was turned inside out to the base of the pony.
  5. When that is done hairspray the end result and pin the veil in the upper side of the low hanging bun.
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